In this first installment of a 3 part series on bank fishing, Mike Iaconelli talks about preparing for a bank fishing trip. There's a lot of great bass fishing to do from the shore, but, for a boat owner, you'll often need to pare down your equipment to make it manageable. Often you're carrying everything you're going to use in your hands and on your back, and often into some overgrowth. You want to keep convenience of travel in mind, since you'll likely cover some distance on foot. Mike talks extensively about choosing the right rod & reel combos for a day of bank fishing, ensuring you pack enough of the essentials, and variety of baits without overloading your tackle bag or backpack and ensuring that you have comfortable and protective clothing to ensure a fun time fishing.

  • 0:54 What is the "Take it to the Bank" series and why is it special to Mike Iaconelli?
  • 2:43 Overview of what Mike Iaconelli will cover in this bank fishing seminar series
  • 3:49 Preparing for a bank fishing trip (what can you carry?)
  • 6:49 In-depth overview of what we'll be covering in the "Take it to the Bank" series
  • 8:27 Selecting & transporting rods, reels & line for a bank fishing trip (compared to fishing from a bass boat)
  • 35:16 The tackle bag or backpack and tools you need for bank fishing
  • 49:41 Clothing for a day of bank fishing
  • 59:49 Should you carry a seat when bank fishing?
  • 1:02:08 Is it a good idea to have a first aid kit when going bank fishing?
  • 1:03:52 Tips for night fishing from the bank and Mike's favorite nighttime baits
  • 1:09:16 Lens colors for sunglasses and fishing multi-tools

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