Mike Iaconelli is back for part 2 of the "Take it to the Bank" bank bass fishing series of classes. In this segment, Mike talks about packing your tackle to be light and mobile, but having everything you absolutely need to catch bass from the top of the water column to the bottom and in various conditions. Ike has 3 bait boxes and 3 terminal tackle boxes in his backpack. He has a box for hard plastics, one for soft plastics and a box for skirted baits. His terminal tackle boxes contain jigheads, weights and hooks that allow for numerous ways to rig soft plastics as well as trailers for skirted baits. To be a good bank angler, it's important to have the absolute minimum tackle, without leaving anything you absolutely need at home. This class focuses on ensuring that you have a bait that will effectively fish any situation, but will also allow you to match the forage while fishing that cover, condition or depth zone.

  • 0:23 Why Mike Iaconelli loves bank fishing and a recap of Take it to the Bank : Ep 1 - Bank Fishing Tackle
  • 2:00 Being a consolidated angler and why it's important when fishing from the bank
  • 4:11 Choosing what goes into your tackle box, bag or backpack based on what zone the bass are feeding
  • 10:51 Packing lure categories, shapes, sizes & colors to ensure you have everything you need to fish all the depth zones, all in one tackle backpack and a few storage boxes
  • 13:18 Hard plastic baits tackle box
  • 16:37 Match the hatch with limited tackle
  • 22:51 Reasons for having a variety of lures to cover one depth zone
  • 26:00 Sub-surface baits like jerkbaits & lipless crankbaits
  • 30:15 Crankbaits like the Rapala DT Series Crankbaits
  • 35:09 Skirted baits : spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, jigs & buzzbaits
  • 50:20 Versatility of soft plastics : stick baits, craws, creature baits, flukes, tubes and more!
  • 1:00:14 Terminal tackle offer countless rigging options for soft plastic baits : hooks, weights, jigheads
  • 1:12:01 Reorganizing for different seasons
  • 1:14:51 Using your bank fishing bag as a co-angler in a bass fishing tournament
  • 1:17:30 Soft plastic trailers for chatterbaits
  • 1:23:06 Fishing parallel or perpendicular to the bank

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