Iaconelli is back fishing the bank. He's done his internet research, he knows the areas of the water he can access from the bank. It turns out, the bass are spawning and Ike locates a few bass on beds. In this bank bass fishing class, Iaconelli talks about looking for and identifying bass beds. After finding a bed, you need to determine the tackle and position to approach the fish. Iaconelli talks about how to read the fish and determine the best presentation. While keying in on what will trigger a bite, Iaconelli shares tips on how to use your limited bank fishing tackle to make adjustments that will get a spawning bass to commit to biting. Lastly, Mike sets the hook and lands a few spawning bass from a public waterway from the bank.

  • 0:41 Using your electronics to locate prime bank fishing spots
  • 1:49 Utilize every legal access spot to get to the water
  • 3:03 Making the most of less pressured bank fishing areas
  • 4:45 Mike Iaconelli sees a bass on the bed while bank fishing, and makes a plan to catch it
  • 11:02 Approaching a bass from the right angle
  • 14:19 Trying to catch a bed fish from the bank & reading the bass's reaction to the bait
  • 17:36 Making adjustments based on fish's response
  • 20:09 Trying to catch a bed bass on the bank - round 2
  • 22:57 Listening to what the fish are telling you about where they are and what they're doing (finding bass on beds when bank fishing)
  • 27:50 Making your first cast to a spawner
  • 28:29 Different bait presentations for spawning bass
  • 34:40 Another adjustment to catch spawning bass from the bank
  • 37:28 The worst thing you can do when bed fishing
  • 38:14 Yet another spawner bait modification
  • 41:56 Don't rush and make bad fishing decisions
  • 44:54 Finally coaxing a bed bass into biting on spinning tackle and a soft stick bait
  • 48:37 Ike finds another bed fish from the bank
  • 53:54 What to do when in doubt about a potential bite

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