In the first 2 segments of Mike Iaconelli's "Take it to the Bank" series of seminars on fishing from the bank (Take it to the Bank : Ep 1 - Bank Fishing Tackle & Take it to the Bank : Ep 2 - Tackle Organization & Consolidation), Ike talked mostly about choosing the tackle you need and getting it organized for a bank fishing trip. In this episode, Iaconelli shares tips for using the latest technology to find accessible fishing waters that offer legal public access to fishing opportunities. 

  • 1:59 Finding places to fish is easy with modern technology
  • 3:06 Let's talk about how we used to find places to fish before the internet (which can still help you find great fishing spots now)
  • 5:31 Fast forward to the 21st century, and see how we find fishable water, public parks, boat & kayay launches and more with today's technology and internet resources
  • 23:54 Finding the place where Mike Iaconelli will be fishing in the rest of this series, and researching maps and satellite imagery before the trip for key fishing spots

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