Mike "Ike" Iaconelli is back hoofing it around a local lake in search of excellent bank fishing opportunities. In this on the water bass fishing class, Iaconelli discusses target identification, or the process of selecting fishy places to make casts. This is the lake that Mike Iaconelli researched previously, so he knows the areas that he wants to fish, one is right at the parking lot! After taking a moment to assess the conditions, forage and available cover, Iaconelli chooses a couple of baits that he believes will be effective under these conditions when fishing from the bank. Ike goes on to demonstrate how he probes the areas where he has open places for casting, all the while taking in any clues as to what the bass are doing. Mike urges you that, just because you caught one fish, don't get locked in to doing that same thing all day. Conditions and bass are always changing. Stay in tune with the environment and be on the lookout for anything that could be a clue as to how and where you can catch your next bass. Lastly, as a bank angler, Iaconelli urges you to make the most of your fishing opportunities. When you're on a boat, you may make a couple of casts and move on. When you're fishing from the bank, don't be afraid to make the most of each spot before hiking on to the next spot.

  • 2:00 Iaconelli approaches and prepares to make his first casts at the ramp spot he identified in Take it to the Bank : Ep 3 - Where Can I Fish
  • 3:45 Observing and taking note of areas of change and types of cover available for good bass habitat
  • 8:24 Mike Iaconelli shows his lure selections based on his research and observation of this lake
  • 9:23 Selecting and rigging a soft plastic bait based on the current conditions
  • 12:33 Iaconelli demonstrates the process of fan-casting to maximize your casting opportunities as a bank angler
  • 14:56 Stepping back and analyzing how and why you caught a fish so you can start putting together the pieces of the puzzle to get dialed into what the bass are doing and what they want to eat
  • 16:32 Accounting for changing conditions, the puzzle is always changing and so are the fish
  • 18:36 Mike Iaconelli demonstrates bank fishing a wacky rig for bass
  • 20:07 After being interrupted by catching bass, Mike Iaconelli resumes the process of fan-casting from his open bank spot...remember to stay aware of your surroundings and targets as you cast
  • 23:02 Reacting quickly to changes in the environment when bank fishing
  • 24:00 Make the most of your bank fishing target opportunities
  • 27:00 Was that a carp?
  • 29:19 Picking apart isolated cover pieces that are great bass habitat
  • 30:07 Why should you fan cast (or cast off the bank toward the deep open water) when fishing from the bank?
  • 32:48 Processing clues and changing tackle
  • 36:40 Mike Iaconelli demonstrates fishing a vibrating jig in the grass from the bank (ripping or snatching technique)
  • 38:17 Maximizing a spot when you have limited access to a body of water from the bank

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