In this 4th installement of the Take it to the Bank Series, Mike Iaconelli is taking all the planning and preparing that he's done at home out to the fishing spots he found through his online research. In this epsiode, Ike visits the deep waters of the lake dam and the often-overlooked fish holding tailraces behind the spillway. Join Ike has he fishes on foot from the banks of the pond dam and the deeper pools of the creek below the spillway. Learn how to catch bass from the bank in places that aren't easily accessible by small watercraft and not accessible at all from a bass boat.

  • 0:20 Why & when fish setup near the dam
  • 1:53 Ike catches a bass on his first cast, using the bank fishing plan & tackle he put together at home
  • 3:13 Why tailraces are a great place for bank fisherman to catch bass
  • 5:06 Changing up your tackle for fishing tailraces and deeper creek pools
  • 7:22 What to look for when fishing tailraces
  • 8:27 How to fish a tailrace for bass from the bank
  • 10:18 Moving to a deeper pool

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