Bass fishing legend Gary Klein joins the Bass University TV to talk about flipping and pitching techniques in this hour-long bass fishing seminar. Gary starts by giving a brief introduction to competing at the top level, what it takes and what aspiring professional anglers can expect.

Gary then gets into his topic by sharing some of the history of the technique and Dee Thomas, a West Coast angler credited with popularizing flipping and pitching. Ever wonder why the B.A.S.S. rules stated that rods can't be over 8 feet long? Well, it played a big part in why Dee Thomas developed the flipping technique.

Gary moves on to the basics of flipping & pitching, the subtle & accurate presentation of an artificial lure in shallow cover, and answers the following questions:

  • What size bait does Gary recommend flipping for finicky bass?
  • What part does a trailer play when flipping a jig?
  • How do I keep from getting my jig hung up when fishing heavy cover?
  • What kind of rods do I need for flipping and pitching?
  • What are the basics of these techniques?
  • Do I set the hook when I see the fish moving toward my bait?
  • Is monofilament, fluorocarbon or braid better for flipping?
  • What are the differences between pitching and flipping?
  • What are Gary Klein's favorite baits to flip?
  • Can I flip with a spinning reel?

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