Gary Klein has decades of bass fishing experience, but he started with 1 spinning rod, a small tackle box and 3 lures. Over the years, he has learned new techniques and learned to employ new tools to aid his God-given ability to catch fish. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Gary Klein urges anglers to believe in themselves and their ability to catch fish. There is no magic lure that always works, if you're in the right place at the right time, there are a dozen lures that a fish-of-a-lifetime might bite. Having confidence in your strenghts as an angler and applying a general understanding of things like: current weather conditions, seasonal patterns, water conditions and bass species will put you on the road to bass fishing success. 

  • 0:07 Gary Klein's background and history in the competitive tournament fishing industry
  • 2:39 Everyone has a God-given talent to catch fish, but you have to develop an understanding of fishing and of yourself and your style of fishing
  • 4:45 Three species of black bass: largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass and their unique personalities
  • 5:51 The types of bodies of water and understanding their envrionment
  • 7:35 Bass and their seasonal behavior
  • 10:37 Understanding and breaking down the current conditions
  • 16:10 Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses as an angler
  • 18:39 What won't allow good fisherman to become great anglers
  • 27:41 It's important to figure out what the deal is for that body of water for that day
  • 32:42 What is Gary Klein thinking about on the water?
  • 36:14 Thinking outside the box on gear ratios
  • 44:21 Bass and anglers are conditioned by their environment
  • 57:37 Listen to what the bass are telling you with every bite

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