Kevin Short knows a thing or two about fishing tough tournaments. He won the Bassmaster Elite Series event with the lowest total winning weight for a 4-day event, where he was only 1 of 2 anglers who caught a 5 fish limit every day. In this remastered bass fishing class seminar video, K-Pink shares some information on when fishing is tough for most anglers, some adjustments to make, areas to look for and lures to fish when fishing is tough. Kevin shares some other things that can help you get a few extra bites and answers several questions about tournament practice, best times to catch fish, and knowing where to fish in the water column.

  • 1:58 When you know the fishing is going to be tough (times of year that fish are harder to catch)
  • 5:15 What makes fishing tough?
  • 9:19 What to do to have a successful day when fishing is tough
  • 13:33 The lowest winning weight in a Bassmaster Elite Series bass fishing tournament
  • 18:02 What to look for when conditions are tough
  • 26:39 Lures to catch bass when fishing is tough
  • 41:40 When fishing gets tough, do you always want to downsize everything?
  • 43:33 Fish get conditioned, what can you do to be stealthy?
  • 47:10 Being prepared, executing and catching fish
  • 51:51 Tournament practice strategies
  • 56:59 The best time of day to catch bass
  • 58:21 Should you fish on top, middle or bottom?

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