Adrian Avena on Fishing Tough Conditions - January 2018

Adrian Avena on Fishing Tough Conditions - January 2018


In this episode of Bass University TV Live, we are joined by Adrian Avena. Like Pete Gluszek, today's host, Avena is a Northern angler, an FLW alumnus and BASS tournament angler. Avena narrowly missed qualifying for the Bassmaster Classic in 2017. Today, Pete Gluszek and Adrian Avena are talking about fishing in tough conditions. What do you do to get bites when the weather gets nasty, the fishing pressure is at it's peak, or the water clarity has fish extra spooky? Adrian and Pete share some of their best tips, tactics, techniques and secrets for catching bass, when the bite is off.

This episode also features FLW rookie angler Rob Jordan who is talking about Fishhead Spins or Underspins.

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