Some techniques shine during certain times of the year more than others. Some don’t even leave the garage unless the season is right. However, some tactics will help you boat fish 12 months out of the year. In this seminar, Adrian Avena shares seven techniques that he uses to help catch fish on any lake, any time of the year. Avena goes in-depth on jerkbaits, buzzbaits, swim jigs, squarebills, Chatterbaits, wacky rigs and drop shots, and how he utilizes each method during the various seasons. 

  • 0:35 Jerkbaits
  • 4:10 Gear Setup For Jerkbaits
  • 8:35 Target Fishing With Buzzbaits
  • 15:10 Fishing Flats With Buzzbaits
  • 18:00 Swim Jigs
  • 23:10 Squarebill Crankbaits
  • 25:15 Getting Your Cranking Gear Right
  • 26:45 Chatterbaits
  • 33:15 Wacky Rigging
  • 35:25 Neko Rigs
  • 39:45 Drop Shotting

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