Swimbaits can really excel during the summer months when fish move back out into deeper water. Don’t get too caught up in the idea that it’s only a deep-water summertime bait, though. Swimbaits not only catch big fish during the dog days of summer, but they can help you put fish in the boat during the entire season. In this seminar, Adrian Avena goes over a variety of swimbait techniques and baits for you to utilize all year long. 

  • 6:10 Later Winter/Early Spring
  • 15:00 Alabama Rig
  • 17:45 Warmer Water In Early Spring
  • 22:00 Targeting Spawning Bass
  • 28:28 Going After Bedding Bass
  • 33:10 Post-Spawn/Early Summer
  • 36:40 Late Summer
  • 38:50 Fall/Early Winter
  • 43:30 Using Swimbaits All Year
  • 44:15 Using Bright Colors
  • 44:40 Using the Right Size Jig Head
  • 46:10 Swim Jigs vs. Swimbaits

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