Fishing with an open mind is imperative for consistent bass fishing success. Adrian Avena uses this open mind concept to allow himself to fish the moment by evaluating the present conditions and relying on his instincts. Adrian will cover the mental aspect of bass fishing, how to establish a game plan, how he uses Google Earth's satellite imagery from the iPad in his Bass Cat Boat, and case studies from his personal experience on the FLW Tour!

Every angler has strategies and techniques they lean on, but it’s important to keep an open mind when targeting bass. As conditions change – and fish move around – staying locked in on a few lures can leave you stuck with an empty livewell. In this bass fishing video seminar, Adrian Avena shares his experience with making adjustments in various tournaments, and how to set a gameplan with an open mind. Avena shares some of his favorite techniques to consistently catch fish regardless of conditions, and how to handle specific changes. 

  • 2:45 Mental Aspect Of Fishing
  • 5:30 Establish A Gameplan
  • 8:35 Google Earth
  • 15:50 Okeechobee Tournament Recap
  • 23:00 Flipping/Punching Gear Setup
  • 26:40 Lake Eufala Tournament Recap
  • 32:40 Stay Moving Around
  • 37:15 Lake Chickamauga Tournament Recap
  • 42:02 Drop Shot
  • 47:45 Red River Tournament Recap
  • 53:45 Tidal Conditions
  • 57:05 High Pressure vs. Low Pressure

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