Pete Gluszek is on the water for Bass University talking about basics for beginners. Previously, Pete was fishing in a small pond, talking about locating bass from the bank in a pond or small lake. In this video, Pete is out on the water talking about locating bass from a boat. Now, you may be starting out fishing in a small watercraft, like a canoe/jon boat, or a bass boat. You can apply these tips regardless of how you're on the water, so long as you can navigate to an area and make casts.

Finding Places to Fish Topics

  • 1:05 Looking for isolated cover
  • 2:20 Where to make the first cast 
  • 5:30 Fishing undercut banks
  • 6:10 Landing in the strike zone
  • 7:05 Fishing over hanging trees
  • 7:45 Casting under overhanging trees
  • 11:40 Fishing floating grass cover
  • 13:05 Dead wood vs. live wood
  • 16:00 Fishing sun or shade
  • 19:30 Fishing bridges
  • 24:40 Fishing docks

In this bass fishing instructional video, Pete beings by talking about identifying targets. Lakes are often large with a lot of area not necessarily being great for bass fishing. Most bass will congregate and concentrate in select areas of the lake.  Pete talks about several areas to target, and fishing those areas effectively. Namely, Pete will discuss the types of casts to practice to ensure you get your bait the optimal location to generate strikes.

Pete also talks about areas to target seasonally, utilizing sun and shade, why bridges are great places to fish and more!

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