Feel overwhelmed when selecting a fishing line? Mike "Ike" Iaconelli breaks down the different types of fishing lines: monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided line. He talks about the characteristics of the different types of fishing of line. In this video, you will learn the pros and cons of fishing each type of line and Mike makes some suggestions of what type of fishing (which lures a techniques) he prefers to use each.

Mike will help answer the following questions about fishing line:

  • What is the best line to use when topwater fishing for bass?
  • Which fishing lines have stretch?
  • Do I want stretch in my fishing line?
  • What's the best line to use for beginners, or people just getting started fishing?
  • What's the best line to stop line twisting and causing tangles on a spinning reel?
  • What's the strongest line for the thinnest diameter?
  • What's the best for casting into heavy cover?
  • What is abrasion and what's the best line for combatting it?
  • Which line is invisible in the water?
  • What should I use when the water if very clear?
  • Which fishing lines sink and which ones float?

This is a great introduction to the characterstics of different fishing line types. This is a great video for beginners or people interested in exploring different fishing line types.

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