Shaw Grigsby loves to fish topwaters for 2 reasons: it's fun and it catches big fish. Seeing a fish devour your topwater lure is probably the most visually exciting bite in bass fishing. In this bass fishing seminar class video, Shaw talks about some of his favorite lures to fish on the surface. Along the way, he shares the types of line, rods, reels & knots he uses to fish those baits. For each bait, Shaw shares some tips like how to keep soft plastics on the hook, keeping line out of prop baits, setting the hook on topwaters and more!

  • 3:32 Topwater fishing is REALLY FUN
  • 5:15 Conditions for fishing topwater lures
  • 9:05 Topwater poppers
  • 16:36 Buzzbaits
  • 21:43 Soft plastic topwater lures
  • 28:27 Topwater hollow-body frogs
  • 35:24 Prop baits
  • 41:37 Walk-the-dog topwater baits
  • 42:11 King sling knot
  • 46:24 Floating jerkbaits on top
  • 50:57 Setting the hook on topwater

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