How to Select Fishing Line - Pete Gluszek

How to Select Fishing Line - Pete Gluszek


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Pete Gluszek, The Dean of the Bass University, says that one of the most common questions he gets from anglers when guiding and students at Bass University classes is, "What fishing line should I use in different situations?". In this fishing instructional video, Pete discusses the different types of lines, referencing his favorite brand, Gamma Lines. Pete talks about what line and lb. test line he uses for: flipping and pitching, topwater baits, fishing leaders, finesse baits and more!

This video will help you know when to use fluorocarbon line, copolymers or braided line, and when Pete suggests adding a fluorocarbon leader.

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Its the little subtle techniques that make you a better angler in this sport and here you can get them right from the pros mouths.
- John H.