In this instructional on-the-water session with The Bass University, renowned angler Pete Gluszek, also known as  "The Dean" delves into the intricacies of bass fishing in tidal waters. This comprehensive four-part series equips anglers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the challenges posed by tidal fisheries, which often prove daunting for many.

To begin, The Dean utilizes advanced sonar electronics & mapping technology, namely the Humminbird Solix units, to present tide charts. These charts are instrumental in comprehending the ever-changing water levels encountered with incoming and outgoing tides.

Subsequently, Pete demonstrates his fishing techniques, focusing on specific types of cover to target during outgoing tides (low tide). He also explains how bass strategically positions themselves in relation to the cover during the tide's various stages. Throughout his presentation, The Dean showcases an array of cover options, including laydowns, docks, rocks, and offshore wood, providing valuable insights into their suitability for angling. Of course, Pete's expertise results in landing some tidal bass during this informative presentation.

This educational experience offers a comprehensive understanding of how to dissect and effectively fish in tidal waters. Join Pete Gluszek and The Bass University in this four-part, on-the-water class to enhance your tidal fishing skills.

Bass Fishing Hard Cover (Docks, Rocks & Wood) At Low Tide Chapters

  • 0:10: Introduction to Tidal Water Fishing
  • 2:15: Using Humminbird Electronics Tidal Charts
  • 12:10: Targeting Bass Habitat in Outgoing Tide
  • 31:50: Tidal Docks - Breakdown 
  • 43:43: Low Tide Bass Habitat (Offshore)

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