Winter & Early Season Bass Fishing - Mike McClelland

Winter & Early Season Bass Fishing - Mike McClelland


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In this 49-minute bass fishing educational video seminar, Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler and recent Bass Open champion Mike McClelland talks about catching fish in cold winter conditions. McCleland talks about the importanct of safety, warmth and overall preparedness for cold weather fishing. Mike discusses the advances in electronics and what part they play in locating and catching bass during the winter. McClelland answers the question, "What baits should I be throwing in the winter?". He offers his suggestions for crankbaits, stickbaits and jigs, including recomendations for rods, reels, line and more.

  • 0:50 Overview
  • 1:55 Preparation
  • 6:30 Approach
  • 7:15 Using panoptix 
  • 12:50 Fishing high percentage areas 
  • 17:00 Using confidence baits like a rock crawler 55
  • 22:00 Line selection for crankbait fishing 
  • 25:15 Fishing based on water temp
  • 29:00 Fishing a stickbait in the winter
  • 30:15 Adding weight to get good suspension 
  • 33:15 Picking the correct stickbait
  • 35:45 Knot selection
  • 36:15 Water clarity for a stickbait 
  • 39:00 Fishing a jig in the winter
  • 43:30 Setting the hook with a jig
  • 44:45 Swimbaits 

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