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Crankbait fishing is one of the top ways to target fish during all 12 months of the year. When the water temperatures start to drop, many people reach for wide-wobbling crankbaits. While the Storm Wiggle Wart is a staple in many people’s arsenal, the Spro RkCrawler offers something different for anglers. In this seminar, Mike McClelland – who helped design the bait – explains his year-round approach to his custom-designed crank. McClelland tackles his favorite conditions, gear, colors, and the intent behind the bait design. 

  • 2:00 Key Features Of The RkCrawler
  • 15:45 Why Do Wide Wobbling Crankbaits Work?
  • 18:15 Fishability Of The RkCrawler
  • 19:05 Imitating Crawfish And Baitfish
  • 20:30 When To Use A RkCrawler
  • 33:10 Color Selections
  • 37:35 Picking The Right Rod
  • 39:40 Reel Selection For RkCrawlers
  • 42:10 Choosing The Right Line
  • 43:20 Seasonal Approach
  • 49:50 Where To Throw It
  • 59:00 Winter Fishing

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