Jerkbait Bass Fishing all Year - McClelland : Remastered

Jerkbait Bass Fishing all Year - McClelland : Remastered


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Mike McClelland is well-known as a jerkbait fisherman. Growing up, he liked to tinker with Smithwick Rogues and other jerkbaits of the time, adding weight, changing hooks and split rings to get the right buoyancy and action. Since that time, Mike has designed a series of (4) SPRO jerkbaits (stick baits) that incorprate all the things he liked from a handful of jerkbaits that are largely no longer available. In this remastered bass fishing video class seminar, Mike McClelland talks about these baits as well as the tackle for fishing jerkbaits through various seasons. Mike will teach you where to throw a jerkbait, good conditions for fishing a jerkbait and seasonal & conditional changes (colors, sizes, etc).

  • 1:19 Don't let no time & no money be an excuse to not pursue our dreams of being a profressional angler
  • 2:17 Overview of stick baits
  • 4:01 Seasonal approach to fishing stick baits
  • 5:09 Jerkbait fishing conditions
  • 6:47 Where to throw a jerkbait
  • 8:48 What it used to take to get the perfect jerkbait
  • 12:54 Mike McClelland's 4 Spro stick baits
  • 15:43 Tackle for fishing jerkabits : rod, reel, line, etc.
  • 22:36 When are the best times to throw a stick bait? What are the best weather and water conditions for throwing a jerkbait?
  • 27:34 Early Spring and pre-spawn jerkbait fishing
  • 30:30 Best jerkbait fishing colors
  • 33:14 Post Spawn stick baits
  • 36:02 Summer and early Fall jerkbait bass fishing with Mike McClelland
  • 45:02 Barometric pressure changes and other variables that change how a jerkbait floats / suspends / sinks
  • 49:37 Changing cadences

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To everyone at Bass University, Thank you guys for all that you do! I signed up for a yearly subscription last year and learned so much from all of the seminars. It was so convenient to find seminars on every topic all in one place. Without Bass University I was always searching the internet to find out new tips and techniques but this really simplified things. I really appreciate you bringing this wealth of knowledge to us anglers so thanks again!
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