Lots of professional bass fishing tournament anglers run & gun to win top-level tournaments, and that certainly works, but each angler needs to play to their strengths. Mike McClelland is here to tell you that grinders do win tournaments, and that's how he's won the majority of his top-level bass fishing tournaments. There's a lot to be said for covering water and putting baits in front of active feeders, but McClelland suggests that it's equally as important to locate key areas, fishing them effectively and at the right times. If you're willing to slow down, concentrate on an area, it can result in great bass fishing success.

Grinding out a win in a tournament is a full process from practice to final weigh-in. In this 47 minute bass fishing class, McClelland will talk about the following topics:

  • How do you practice and what are you looking for in a tournament where you'll likely be trying to grind out a win? What do you see, smell, hear and smell?
  • How do you establish a gameplan based on what you found in practice and maximize what you learned to fish efficiently during the tournament?
  • Section vs Pattern fishing gameplan
  • How do you improve your limit when grinding for a tournament win?
  • What's the difference between making a change and aborting the game plan?
  • What are the best baits for fishing a grinder's approach to winning bass fishing tournaments? Spinnerbaits and tube baits still catch fish and they still win tournaments. Find out what other lures Mike likes for winning with this approach.
  • Effectively re-fishing areas an area and utilizing your confidence baits

Skip ahead to the parts that interest you most about this bass fishing instructional video:

  • 1:15 Overview of the grind
  • 1:45 Grinders and winning
  • 9:25 Approach to practice
  • 14:10 Approach to competition
  • 17:10 The section approach
  • 25:30 The pattern approach
  • 32:40 Grinder baits

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