Mike McClelland is a successful bass fishing tournament angler. In this 44-minute video, he will teach you the versatility of spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. These lures were mainstays 20+ years ago in tournament bass fishing, in some ways, have lost popularity with the success of swimbaits, swim jigs, vibrating jigs (chatterbaits) and other lures. Mike starts by talking about the shapes and blade combinations, and how to create a lot of wake/vibration and how to create flash. You'll also learn what combinations are good for creating lift and which spinnerbaits are best for slow rolling. He discusses key places and situations to throw a spinnerbait, his tackle preferences, including: War Eagle Spinnerbaits, Falcon Cara McClelland ST Micro Cast Rod 7'2" MH Fishing Rod, Sunline Reaction Fluorocarbon Fishing Line  & more. Learn what temperature is best for throwing spinnerbaits, areas to target, why you should throw spinnerbaits and how to fish the spinnerbait during different seasons/conditions.

Mike also talks about the versatility of the buzzbait, and areas/situations he likes to throw this bait. Learn what types of buzzbaits, and trailers McClelland uses on buzzbaits throughout the year.

If you want to learn more about spinnerbait fishing, check out Keys to Spinnerbait Success. Want to learn more about catching more and bigger bass with a buzzbait, check out Buzzbait Fishing Secrets & Modification Tips.

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