River Bass Fishing - Mike McClelland

River Bass Fishing - Mike McClelland

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Mike McClelland didn't grow up with boats and fancy equipment. He did a lot of bank fishing and that allowed him to experience some thing that give him some unique perspectives on river bass fishing. Mike got his first two top-level tournament wins on river systems, so his tips can help you catch more bass or maybe even win your next bass fishing tournament.

  • 1:32 The thing that has most helped Mike McClelland's river fishing
  • 3:40 Understanding current breaks and current seams
  • 6:15 River fishing in the Spring and during the spawn
  • 13:25 Color selection for baits in the Spring
  • 17:30 If a river has multiple species, how do you decide which to fish for?
  • 18:41 River fishing during the summer months
  • 22:27 Boat position and boat control in the river current
  • 25:05 When the wind is outpacing the current
  • 28:00 Weight for river fishing
  • 29:26 River fishing in autumn/fall & winter months
  • 33:23 Recap of main topics of fishing current and final Q&A

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