KVD's Power Finesse Fishing Techniques - Kevin VanDam

Kevin VanDam attributes a lot of his success in bass fishing to being efficient and covering water. With advancements in electronics, fishing pressure and fishing against some of the top anglers in the world, Kevin knows that there are times when traditional power techniques are simply not going to trigger the strikes he needs to compete. Kevin also knows that traditional finesse techniques don't fit his run'n'gun style of bass fishing. So, KVD has refined his system of "power finesse fishing", which allows him to present more natural (or finesse-style) baits, but still cover a lot of water. In this on the water bass fishing class video, Kevin VanDam talks about some of his favorite power finesse fishing techniques : dropshot, neko rig and ned rig. Learn the tackle, including the specific baits that KVD uses on these techniques, and how he fishes them differently to cover water and catch more bass. In most cases, you can use the finesse soft plastics, hooks and weights you already own, but Kevin VanDam will teach you how to refine those techniques to cover more water.

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