Kevin VanDam shares well over an hour of crankbait fishing secrets! KVD is arguably the greatest tournament angler, and perhaps the best cranker in bass fishing history. Almost without argument, the greatest tournament bass fishing angler of all time, Kevin VanDam, owes a great deal of his tournament success to fishing a crankbait. KVD believes in paying attention to detail, and part of what makes him a successful crankbait fisherman, is his complete cranking system. VanDam shares how to successfully fish various types of plugs all day, catching more bass, without fatigue. Learn from Kevin's decades of experience by studying this in-depth video that covers every aspect of successful crankbait fishing: fishing current, triggering strikes, boat positioning, etc. Whether you're a beginner looking to catch more bass on a weekend fishing trip, or a pro looking to cash more checks in tournaments, there's is something for everyone in this complete cranking system seminar.

KVD's Main Crankbait Topics

  • 2:40 Selecting the right crankbait
  • 4:10 Selecting the right equipment 
  • 5:45 Rod and reel
  • 12:20 Brand loyalty
  • 13:15 Line selection
  • 17:15 Casting technique 
  • 20:15 Hook selection 
  • 24:30 Square bill crankbait fishing
  • 27:55 Deep crankbaits
  • 30:30 Really deep crankbaits
  • 32:00 Electronics 
  • 35:20 Side imaging
  • 42:15 How does side imaging work?
  • 44:25 Using a TH Marine Hydrowave
  • 49:00 Changing direction to trigger strikes
  • 54:20 Using feel to trigger strikes

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