Do you want to learn how to fish grass more efficiently? While large grass flats can be overwhelming, having the ability to pick them apart and locate fish will help you on many of the best lakes around the country. “Don't be intimidated by them,” said Bryant Smith. “There is a lot of fish on them. ... You just have to get out, get to work, make a lot of casts, and pay attention to where you get bit. In this seminar, Smith breaks down his two-bait approach to covering these areas quickly to find fish, and then a third technique he uses to slowly pick up the remaining fish. When it comes to finding bass in the grass, Smith relies on a vibrating jig and a swim jig to cover water quickly by working the outside edges, points, and pockets in the grass. Smith says bass will typically run the edges in packs looking for bait, and these two power techniques give him the ability to quickly break down a large area to put him on fish as soon as possible. Once he locates bass, Smith will start punching the grass with a creature bait to help pick up any fish that wouldn’t commit to the other presentations. Smith also discusses the gear setup for each technique, the importance of having the right sunglasses, and a few more tips and tricks for grass fishing. 

  • 1:30 Fishing Vibrating Jigs Around Grass
  • 5:30 Fishing Swim Jijgs Around Grass
  • 8:45 Punching Grass Mats
  • 12:25 Why You Should Use Bright Braid For Punching
  • 15:45 Rod And Reel Setup For Punching
  • 19:20 On The Water Fishing Grass With Bryant Smith
  • 23:05 Why Sunglasses Matter When Grass Fishing
  • 24:35 Keys To Boat Positioning
  • 32:35 Importance Of Watching Your Line

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