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Bryant Smith sits down with Pete Gluszek to share some of his tweaks to finesse techniques he fishes on the West Coast. While some of these techniques originated in Asian countries, they were popularized to American anglers on the West Coast before becoming staples for clear water and pressured situations throughout the country. Bryant shares a shaky head modification he uses to catch bass behind guys fishing a traditional shaky head, he shares some thoughts on why he fishes a shaky head more than a dropshot rig and wraps it up with lots of tips and tackle recommendations for fishing the Neko rig.

  • 0:38 Pete Gluszek introduces 2021 NPFL angler Bryant Smith and why West Coast anglers have to be versatile
  • 2:38 West Coast finesse bass fishing techniques
    • 3:18 Darter head vs shaky head
    • 8:17 Dropshot rig vs shaky head
    • 9:50 Neko rigging tips & tackle

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