Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler Carl Jocumsen is in Tulsa, OK to talk about one of his favorite ways to target big bass, fishing with big swimbaits. Carl has been known to fish "keeper-sized" swimbaits (baits over 12" in length) in pursuit of giant bass. Watch this nearly 1 hour & 30 minute seminar to learn the secrets of fishing big swimbaits for big tournament-winning bass.

  • 0:31 Carl Jocumsen's history with fishing giant swimbaits for giant bass
  • 3:57 How to incorporate big simwbaits into a tournament-winning game plan
  • 5:10 Why a big swimbait often outfishes a small swimbait
  • 7:57 Different types of swimbaits and how they work
    • 8:05 Spinnerbaits/chatterbaits and big swimbaits
    • 11:09 Multi-jointed swimbaits and how they act in the water
    • 12:07 Glide baits (single-jointed swimbaits)
    • 14:12 Wakebaits and topwaters
    • 16:17 Paddle-tail swimbaits & water clarity and why it's important for selecting which giant swimbait type to fish
    • 21:54 Huddleston-style swimbaits
  • 23:02 San Diego jam knot
  • 24:40 The right rod and reel to get started fishing big swimbaits
  • 31:21 Best swimbait fishing conditions
  • 36:42 Tournaments that Carl incpororated a big swimbait without having to go "hero or zero"
    • 37:41 Guntersville
    • 41:36 Table Rock and Champlain
  • 48:27 Question & answer interim
  • 49:26 Hooks, snaps, loops and weights
  • 58:54 Casting a giant swimbait
  • 1:01:49 Swinging in big bass...don't let them fight
  • 1:04:59 Using the TH Marine hydrowave when glide baiting
  • 1:06:39 Dock fishing with swimbaits
  • 1:08:41 Stinger hooks
  • 1:11:08 Times of year to fish a giant swimbait
  • 1:15:43 Matching the hatch
  • 1:18:18 Adding scent to swimbaits
  • 1:21:27 Wrap-up and closing swimbait fishing tips

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