Carl Jocumsen is an Australian tournament bass angler that got hooked on bass fishing when he was 15 years old. He's pursued it from that time forward, and has been fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series since 2015. Carl fished every Australian tournament for 10 years, where they fished for Australian bass, cod, bream and barramundi. He began fishing the BASS Open tournaments in 2011 in pursuit of fishing the Elites and making a career out of fishing, which was his goal from the time he got his first tournament check.

Carl is perpetually a student, and he encourages you to always keep learning and trying new things to become a better angler. A great goal is to always be a better angler tomorrow than you are today. It's not about being better than the other guy, but being better than you were yesterday. Carl will help you look at adversity differently, by sharing how circumstance have him fishing the Elite Series, which was his dream.

Part of improving as an angler is your attention to detail. Carl Jocumsen talks about some of the details that allowed him to edge out other anglers consistently throughout his tournament fishing career. One of those tips is tying better braid to fluorocarbon knots. Carl recommends the FG knot, See how to tie the FG Knot. Carl also talks about things you might be doing on the lake to decrease your fishing success. Jucumsen also talks about what you need to do to go from being a good local or regional tournament angler to competing across the country against the pros.

This video will help you learn to face adversity and look at challenges differently. In tournament fishing and life in general.

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