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Fishing large bodies of water – such as the Great Lakes – can be overwhelming for newcomers and experienced anglers alike. While the trophy Smallmouth can be rewarding, navigating those rough water can incredibly dangerous if you’re unprepared. In this seminar, Pete Gluszek explains not only how to prepare your boat to tackle those tough waters, but also gives a few of his favorite tips for catching Smallmouth regardless of the conditions. 

  • 1:50 Fishing In The Big Water
  • 8:30 GPS Is Key
  • 13:30 Basic Boat Rigging
  • 17:20 Drift Fishing
  • 20:35 Fish Multiple Depths
  • 22:40 Drift Socks And Paddles
  • 26:00 Feeling Bites
  • 30:00 Best Places To Target Fish
  • 34:10 Fishing Tubes In Grass
  • 35:40 Target Fishing
  • 38:50 When Should You Go Deep?
  • 42:15 Cranking In The Big Water
  • 44:05 Setting Up Your Boat
  • 45:20 How To Navigate Your Boat In Rough Water
  • 54:20 Catch Care And Release

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