Targeting Giant Bass - Lintner

Targeting Giant Bass - Lintner


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Jared Lintner is a long time BASS angler and current MLF angler from the West Coast. In his years of fishing for giant bass, he's found that catching double-digit pound bass is more like hunting than traditional fishing. In this interview, Jared Lintner talks about the baits, locations, techniques he has used to catch big bass, all the way up to almost 15 lbs! Learn how to target giant bass with these useful tips.

  • 1:37 The West Coast has giants, Lintner helps define what a "giant" bass is with his 14.85lb personal best
  • 2:21 The really big ones are smart and going in search of them is different than regular fishing and requires a different approach and different baits
  • 5:57 The "targeting big fish" strategy and the importance of angles
  • 11:45 Jared Lintner's biggest bass and how he caught it
  • 13:48 Big fish baits and when to throw them
  • 23:28 Selecting the right lure/color for targeting big bass and making the commitment
  • 24:37 The equipment you need to go big bass hunting

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