Pete Gluszek is on the water to teach you how to break down various types of fixed pole-dock-style marinas. Some marinas have seawalls and some are far more exposed to the current, waves and wind. In this on the water bass fishing class, Pete will share tips about these different types of structures, surrounding habitat, good times of year to target them and the best baits to pick them apart. Learn why bass live in marinas certain times of year and how you can catch bass in and around marinas.

  • 0:22 Introduction to fishing fixed marinas and why to target them
  • 1:30 The first and best time of year to look for bass in marinas
  • 2:30 Marinas where bass move in the post spawn and during the summer
  • 4:00 Bass fishing marinas in the fall
  • 5:24 Lures for fishing marinas and the various types of cover/habitat they offer
  • 10:34 Fishing a proctected closed-off marina with outside sea walls
  • 22:34 Fishing the backs of marina areas inside the sea walls and how fishing these areas differs between Spring and Fall
  • 27:15 Picking key productive areas for different season within a marina
  • 30:05 Using side imaging in marinas and around docks and seawalls
  • 38:15 Open water marinas (without seawalls protection) and the best times of year to fish these types of marinas. Pete breaks down how to effectively fish these types of structures with a crankbait and finesse jig.
  • 54:26 Fishing prime areas around a marina and when bass may setup in these areas

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