Lexington, NC cranking legend David Fritts joined The Bass University at the 2019 Bassmaster Classic. David was one of the innovators of offshore cranking, who has won 11 top-level tour events between FLW and BASS and a Bassmaster Classic in 1993. David and Pete reminisce about the times when they were both touring and doing University classes. David talks about the current state of competitive bass fishing and how electronics have changed the landscape.

  • 6:10 What fishing line does David Fritts use for cranking?
  • 8:23 The worst kind of backlash and what you can do to prevent it
  • 10:41 Concerns about line visibility when cranking
  • 12:28 Fritt's thoughts on cranking with fluorocarbon line, and the best uses for fluorocarbon fishing line
  • 14:29 Hook choice for crankbait fishing
  • 20:02 The most important things to remember when cranking for bass
  • 20:23 What is a multi-stop reel, and how can it improve my fishing with any "winding" bait?
  • 22:39 Weighting/suspending crankbaits (customizing crankbaits)
  • 24:57 David Fritts's flat-sided crankbait
  • 31:51 Fritts's history with crankbait manufacturers and getting the maximum depth from deep diving crankbaits like the Berkley Dredger

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