Wes Logan is a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler with a lot of experience fishing grass at Lake Guntersville. Recently the grass composition has been changing and eelgrass is a more pervasive species, overtaking the milfoil. Wes Logan shares his thoughts on why the eelgrass is taking hold and staying around all year, as well as his baits for fishing grass mats on Guntersville. Pete Gluszek and Rizz are both Northern anglers who are accustomed to the grass dying off in the winter and share some similar and contrasting viewpoints for grass in these different geographically different lakes. 

  • 0:47 Rizz welcomes Bassmaster Elite series angler Wes Logan
  • 1:31 Fishing grass
  • 2:10 Grass that dies off up North and grass you can fish all year in Lake Guntersville
  • 3:45 Eelgrass fishing patterns and surface mats
  • 7:22 Effects of the eelgrass on Lake Guntersville's bass population
  • 9:17 Grass patterns that are most successful in the summer
  • 13:07 Flipping in the grass for bass
  • 14:42 Best line for fishing grass mats
  • 15:36 When to fish a jig in grass
  • 16:40 The importance of bottom composition and structure in the grass
  • 18:26 Waypoint management
  • 19:52 Does grass grow in the same places each year on Guntersville?
  • 21:36 How Wes Logan uses Lakemaster mapping

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