If you aren't familiar with river systems, fishing them can prove to be challenging. In this seminar, Bassmaster Elite Series pro Wes Logan discusses just how different looking for bass in rivers is from chasing them around the lake. Logan breaks down the different types of structure to look for, key baits to focus on, seasonal patterns, and what you can do before you get to the river to set you up for success. 

  • 1:20 Tournament practice on river systems
  • 7:00 What to look for
  • 14:20 Best types of cover
  • 16:35 Current vs No Current
  • 20:45 Warm Water vs Cold Water
  • 27:45 Key River Baits
  • 37:40 What do river bass eat?
  • 38:45 Determining how far up-river to go
  • 41:45 When to target the river over the lake
  • 42:35 Tidal Rivers vs Controlled Flow
  • 45:00 Fishing bridges on river systems
  • 45:45 Studying rivers before fishing

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