Scott Martin has a few lures he really likes to fish in Florida, one is a lipless crankbait. Obviously, this type of baits, which include Yo-Zuri Rattl'n Vibes & Bill Lewis Rat-L-Traps, will catch fish all over the country. In this remastered bass fishing class seminar, Scott Martin, former FLW champion who is now on the Bassmaster Elite Series bass fishing tournament trail, shares tips & techniques from his years of experience fishing various lipless crankbaits at different times of the year. 

  • 0:19 A great numbers bait to fish in Florida when the weather is right for it
  • 2:38 Nice retrieve for fishing lipless crankbaits in brackish water
  • 5:02 Another great technique for fishing a lipless crankbait
  • 16:54 The brands of lipless crankbait that Scott Martin likes to throw at different times of the year
  • 20:40 Catching fish off beds with lipless crankbaits (a secret Scott Martin tip)
  • 23:57 Scott Martin's favorite lipless crankbait colors and a secret Rat-L-Trap color
  • 26:03 The one knocker vs regular rattles
  • 31:02 Changing out hooks & lure sizes and other tackle considerations
  • 36:35 Does Scott Martin use a snap swivel with lipless crankbaits?
  • 37:35 Concerns about hooking fish outside the mouth
  • 39:19 Red hooks

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