Are you tired of running around the lake aimlessly looking for a single bass here and there, or beating one spot to death trying to get one more fish? 9-time angler of the year Roland Martin is here to share the secrets of pattern fishing, which is determining the type of cover and/or structure and conditions that are attracting and holding bass to a spot, then applying that pattern to other areas on the lake. Pattern fishing can save you lots of time and gas, and put a lot more fish in the livewell.

In this 52-minute seminar, Roland Martin will talk about what you need to do to be a successful pattern fisherman. The most important thing he stresses is paying attention! Roland also covers:

  • How does temperature and weather affect bass?
  • How to identify current, and how fish utilize it.
  • What is "off structure" fishing?
  • Mudlines and stratification
  • How does water pH affect bass behavior?
  • How does oxygen content affect fish?

Want to learn more about pattern fishing? Check out Run & Gun Pattern Fishing for Bass Tournament Success Seminar.

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