James Watson is know for fishing the Whopper Plopper and spoon jacking, he's not really known for fishing grass, for good reason, they don't have any where he's from. Fortunately, James travels the country as a tourning bass tournament professional, and in this bass fishing class seminar, JMFW shares what he's learned about fishing grass, primarily from his experiences in Florida touranements on lakes like Kissimmee and Okeechobee.

  • 0:06 You've got grass here, right? James Watson doesn't have grass back home
  • 1:02 James Watson knows 1 thing for an absolute fact when fishing grass
  • 1:41 Finding the best bass spots in the grass down South
  • 2:04 Punching grass tackle
  • 2:48 What to look for when punching grass
  • 3:14 Types of grass
  • 3:49 Lily pad fishing
  • 6:00 Grass fishing secret bait
  • 7:30 Gambler Big EZ Swimbaits
  • 8:16 What James Watson is looking for (and not looking for) in a grass fishing situation
  • 11:32 Buggy whips (bulrush)
  • 16:35 Buzz toads like the Zoom Horny Toad on a Mustad Plastic Frog Double Hook (with toad color and tackle suggestions)
  • 21:40 Question and answer on tackle and tips for horny toad, jig and speed worm

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