Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Bill Lowen is with The Bass University on Lake Ontario to help you understand how to catch big shallow smallmouth bass power fishing. Bill's passion lies in targeting big smallmouth, and he's ready to share his top techniques with you.

Bill will walk you through his four favorite baits for going after these shallow bronze-backed beauties. He'll cover everything, from the rod, reel, line, the lures you'll need, and the colors that work best.

As Bill explores the water to locate smallmouth, he'll share valuable insights on what to watch out for in shallow flats. Keep an eye out for rock veins, darker spots, and areas with patches of grass – these could be hotspots where smallmouth like to hang out. Bill mentions that many times you can see these smallmouth with your eyes, so make sure you have good polarized sunglasses and are staying alert.

After adapting to the current fishing conditions, Bill will reveal a winning strategy for catching smallmouth using one of his preferred shallow finesse baits. You'll learn how to identify the signs and what kind of baits to use when you're on the hunt for big smallmouths in shallow waters, all with the guidance of Bill Lowen and The Bass University.

Bill Lowen's Shallow Smallmouth Bass Fishing Class Chapters

  • 0:15: Keys for Shallow Smallmouth 
  • 2:50: Setups
  • 13:15: Power Fishing with a Spinnerbait
  • 17:00: Key Targets on Shallow Flats
  • 20:13: Triggering Reaction Strikes
  • 22:05: Fishing a Hair Jig
  • 26:32: Recap

Looking For Answers to These Smallmouth Bass Fishing Questions?

  • What is Bill Lowen's passion in bass fishing, and what techniques does he focus on?
  • What are Bill Lowen's four favorite baits for targeting big shallow smallmouth bass?
  • What aspects does Bill cover regarding the rod, reel, line, lures, and colors for fishing shallow smallmouth?
  • What insights does Bill share about locating smallmouth in shallow flats, including key things to watch out for?
  • How does Bill adapt to current fishing conditions, and what winning strategy does he reveal for catching smallmouth?
  • What are some of the key targets on shallow flats that Bill highlights for smallmouth bass fishing?
  • What signs does Bill discuss for identifying areas where big smallmouths might be hanging out in shallow waters?
  • How does Bill approach power fishing with a spinnerbait, and what tips does he provide for triggering reaction strikes?
  • What is the significance of fishing a hair jig, and how does it contribute to catching shallow smallmouth bass?

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