As the waters warm up in the summer, many anglers find it difficult to catch fish. The spring, shallow-water feeding frenzies are long gone, but that doesn't mean you can't still catch fish.

"Summertime is a challenging time of year to catch fish," said Pete Gluszek. "It's as challenging as the wintertime. Fish are nocturnally feeding a lot. It's hard to trigger the strikes because you can find them and not catch them."

Summertime fishing varies greatly depending on the body of water you're fishing. Reservoirs, rivers, and natural lakes all fish very differently this time of year. In this seminar, Gluszek breaks down the different types of systems and how he approaches each of them during the hottest part of the year.

A lot of people think all the fish move out to deep water in the summer, and while many do, there are still plenty that can be caught in the shallows. Gluszek breaks down his strategy for targeting those offshore fish, which includes deep cranking and Carolina rigging. He also discusses how to catch fish shallow in the summer with techniques like crankbaits, topwater frogs, and the popular Senko.

  • 1:25 Fishing Offshore On Reservoirs
  • 3:00 Benefits Of Technology
  • 10:20 Best Baits For Fishing Offshore
  • 24:25 Best Baits For Fishing Shallow
  • 29:00 How To Fish Rivers
  • 32:50 How To Fish Natural Lakes
  • 34:00 How To Fish A Senko
  • 41:20 Frog Fishing Around Grass

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