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Lots of folks think of cold water, winter and early spring fishing when they think about fishing jerkbaits for bass. Kurt Dove is hear to dispell the myth that these hardbaits are only for those cold water lethargic bass. Dove explains that jerkbaits excel in clear water situations. In this bass fishing instructional video, Kurt is holding the Ima Flit Jerkbait 120 and Megabass Ito Vision 110+1 Jerkbait discusses their actions and when he fishes each one.

Mr. Dove talks about the tackle he uses to fish jerkbaits, like what pound fluorocarbon he uses to work the baits at different depths, and what length & action you want out of a rod to get the right action from the lure.

This is a lesson on fishing jerkabits in every season, so how do we successfully fish this lure all year and what are we going to change to continue getting bites as the seasons change? "What speed and cadence should I use when working a jerkbait?", you may ask. This is covered in this 15-minute class for various water temperatures. "What are the considerations for changing the factory hooks on a jerkbait when I take it out of the package?", many angler question. Kurt discusses considerations related to getting a good hookset and other considerations when changing the factory hooks on your hardbaits, and things to consider in why the manufacturer chose those hooks. He also explains the difference between jerkabits and rip baits.

If you want to know how & where to fish jerkbaits, particularly in the pre-spawn, shad spawn, fall & winter, you'll want to watch this on the water class! If you are interested in learning more about how to fish jerkbaits, you'll want to watch Jerkbait Fishing - On the Water & Jerkbaits All Year. If you want to learn more about fishing clear water, be sure to watch Clear Water Bass Fishing. If you're hear looking for info on catching cold water and winter bass, you may also enjoy KVD Cold Water Power Fishing.


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