Tournament fishing in the spring can often be dominated by anglers catching big females off beds. While that may play a part in a winning bag, Brandon Cobb stresses that not all your fish need to come off the bed, and during certain times of a tournament day, or under certain conditions, dedicating to sight fishing beds may not be the winning approach. Lots of people commit 100% to fish they can see on the beds, but there are several other things to consider. Are fish gorging on the shad spawn? Are spawning fish less pressured in dirtier water? Can I target spotted bass spawning? Don't get tunnel vision and focus strictly on bed fishing during the spawn, remember to look for other opportunities to fill out a solid limit.

  • 0:19 An alternative strategy for catching bass during the spawn that can help you win fishing tournaments
  • 2:19 Why the spawn is more than just sight fishing and why it's important to know the lake and the area you intend to fish and have another plan
  • 7:00 How prespawn bass can win a sight fishing tournament
  • 13:04 Baits for targeting prespawn bass
  • 16:06 You don't HAVE to put down your shallow water anchors and sight fish individual beds during the spawn
  • 19:52 Spawn fishing tournaments in stained or muddy water
  • 26:15 Making the most of the postspawn bite
  • 31:55 Most effective way to target spotted bass during the spawn
  • 34:29 Floating worm and color selection
  • 37:11 Conditions for bass moving onto beds
  • 40:04 Seeing your bait when your sight fishing
  • 41:25 Does muddy water delay bass spawning?
  • 46:32 Prespawn tactics for South Carolina (Lake Murray)
  • 50:16 Is there a fall spawn?

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