Bassmaster Elite Series bass fishing professional angler Brandon Cobb grew up fishing standing timber. In this on the water class video, Brandon shares his top 3 baits for fishing standing timber, the tackle he uses to fish them, when to fish each lure and finally, demonstrates how to fish each one. After introducing you to the tackle, Brandon idles around with his Lowrance HDS12 electronics with down imaging and side imaging to locate baitfish and timber. After marking some key areas, Brandon puts down his trolling motor and demonstrates fishing for bass in the standing timber with a dropshot rig, a spoon and a football jig. Brandon discusses the advantages of each lure and the most likely times of year and optimal conditions for each bait. Scattered throughout, Brandon shares some general tips, like distinguishing schools of bass from schools of white perch, getting bass that are stuck to the bottom to show themselves, deciphering trees from bass on 2d sonar, keeping your line from twisting when fishing a spoon and other valuable bass fishing secrets.

  • 0:20 Why it's intimidating to fish standing timber
  • 1:18 Brandon Cobb's tips and techniques for targeting timber
  • 1:59 Jigging spoons - Brandon Cobb's #1 must-have lure for fishing deep (even if you're not around timber) when the water gets cold and fish move deep. Brandon shares tips for reducing frustration of fishing a spoon, and the times you can quickly load the boat and how you keep them biting
  • 7:45 Dropshot rig - Brandon's choice for baits, line, hook, rod & reel to fish a dropshot around timber. Brandon talks about when to fish a dropshot and how it works hand-in-hand with the spoon
  • 11:45 Football jig - Tackle for fishing a football jig, tips for keeping your jig on the bottom and the tackle for fishing a football jig around standing timber
  • 17:07 Brandon Cobb demonstrates using his down imaging (or down scan) on his sonar electronics to find baitfish and where they are relating to timber. What are you looking for in standing timber to let you know that you should stop graphing and start fishing?
  • 20:21 Using side imaging (or side scan) to key in on additional features that hold bass when you're in a forest of standing timber
  • 21:27 Examples of massive schools of baitfish relating to the bottom in standing timber and predator fish (possibly bass) feeding on the baitfish
  • 22:52 The types of trees are important when fishing standing timber. Which types of trees hold more bass and when is it more important?
  • 25:08 Brandon Cobb demonstrates a trick for getting bass to show themselves on the electronics when they are stuck to the bottom
  • 28:46 Fishing some areas Brandon Cobb marked on his electronics while graphing standing timber
  • 30:56 How colder water affects bass in deeper standing timber
  • 31:22 Tips for how to fish standing timber for bass
  • 33:56 Tips for how to fish a dropshot in deep standing timber
  • 37:00 Fishing deep standing timber in the wind
  • 38:15 Tips for fishing a spoon in standing underwater trees and getting the schools of bass fired up and using your electronics to determine if they will bite
  • 45:34 Keeping a schooled fired up and catching a flurry of bass once you get the fish biting the spoon in standing timber
  • 49:06 How to tell if the fish biting your spoon are bass or white perch
  • 49:50 How to fish a football jig in standing timber
  • 55:28 What makes the spoon the best when fishing timber in the winter?
  • 58:07 Final tips for fishing winter timber

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