Bass Fishing Topwater All Year Long - Brandon Cobb

Bass Fishing Topwater All Year Long - Brandon Cobb


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Brandon Cobb is know for fishing a buzzbait, and, given the right conditions, he will fish it all year. Brandon also loves fishing other topwater (and slightly sub-surface baits), and there are times that they will outperform a buzzbait. He believes that there are some big fish that are more susceptible to topwater lures that any other bait, but you have to have the right one during the right season and conditions. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Brandon Cobb shares his favorite baits & tackle for fishing topwater throughout the year. Learn what baits to fish from 45 degree water to the shad spawn to schooling fish and through the fall turnover. If you're ready to get started fishing topwater lures all year, buy Brandon Cobb's favorite topwater bass fishing tackle at Tackle Warehouse.

  • 0:17 Topwater bass fishing is high risk and potentially high reward
  • 1:17 How to throw topwater lures all year long, a seasonal approach
    • 2:15 Spring - Pre spawn to post spawn
    • 18:16 Summer - Full moon bream beds and schooling fish
    • 29:06 Fall / Autumn - More schooling fish and fall lake turnover
    • 35:16 Winter - Situational times to use topwater baits, even in the winter
  • 38:40 Brandon Cobb's tackle setups for fishing buzzbaits all year long
  • 42:03 Brandon Cobb's buzzbait modifications, tips & tricks
  • 44:10 Rod, reel & line for fishing a topwater pencil popper
  • 46:00 Floating worm tackle setup
  • 48:07 Fishing shad balls
  • 50:54 Schooling bass as a bass fishing tournament strategy or pattern
  • 54:10 Hooksets on various topwaters
  • 57:38 Do you ever replace a Zoom Horny Toad with something smaller like a Zoom Z Craw?

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