Brandon Cobb is back on the water with The Bass University to talk about a great spot to save a difficult day of fishing. Bridge pilings almost always hold fish. There are times when the conditions are better and bass are holding tighter to the poles, but you can almost always catch some bass around these great pieces of vertical structure. In this bass fishing video, Brandon shares his favorite 3 baits for fishing bridge pilings, talks about the tackle he uses for each lure and demonstrates fishing each technique. 

  • 0:17 Brandon Cobb presents a technique that will save a bad day on a spot that almost always holds bass
  • 1:31 Brandon's favorite bait for targeting bass on bridge pilings
  • 3:26 Sometimes you fish a jerkbait over 60-80 ft of water
  • 5:05 Brandon Cobb's other lure choice for fishing bridge pilings
  • 6:49 Brandon Cobb demonstrates how to fish a bridge piling (or bridge pole) for bass using a dropshot rig
  • 13:00 Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler Brandon Cobb shares tips on how to fish a jerkbait for bass around bridge pilings
  • 15:08 How to fish a swimbait to catch bass off bridge pilings
  • 16:32 The most likely pole to find bass on a bridge
  • 16:57 Bridge pilings are great vertical structure

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