Bassmaster Classic Champion Casey Ashley joined The Bass University for the first time in Gadsden, AL to teach a class on fishing bluffs. Not all bluffs are alike, some hold bass at different times of the year and you fish them differently. In this bass fishing class, Casey Ashley will tell you the types of bluffs he looks for during different seasons and conditions. After identifying the types of bluffs he is looking for, he'll also make suggestions for the types of baits he'll use to catch bass during those conditions.

Casey Ashley shares some other bass fishing tips and answers some student questions, including:

  • 2:35 The mindset of using all the tools available to you for catching fish
  • 3:05 Types of bluffs (straight bluffs, stair step bluffs, etc)
  • 8:30 Baits for fishing bluffs. What hard and soft baits are good for fishing bluffs?
  • 14:10 The Greenfish Tackle Itty-Bitty Living Rubber Finesse Jig
  • 33:00 Tips for fishing the underspin on bluffs

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