Adjusting to Falling Water - Casey Scanlon

Adjusting to Falling Water - Casey Scanlon


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FLW's Lake Champlain Champion Casey Scanlon joins The Bass University to talk about his win and how he adjusted to falling water levels. Casey talks about what adjustments he made and the baits he fished to beat out the rest of the FLW tournament field.

Main Topics in this Falling Water Fishing Class

  • 1:30 Casey Scanlon's practice
  • 2:05 Adjusting to falling water conditions
  • 3:13 First day - highest water levels, Casey Scanlon's bait selection
  • 5:59 Day 2 - relocating the fish as the water is falling and listening to the fish
  • 9:36 Day 4 - The bite stopped again and Casey had to make additional adjustments
  • 13:30 Chatterbait modifications and rod/reel/line

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