Lake Champlain BUcket List Episode 1 & Lake Champlain BUcket List Episode 2 focused a lot on Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek's history with Champlain and what makes it such a great bass fishery. In this episode, we're going to focus on breaking down Lake Champlain and sharing tips and tricks on catching big smallmouth and largemouth bass there. Go out on the lake with Mike and Pete as they break down Lake Champlain and put the hooks to some beautiful largemouth and smallmouth bass.

  • 0:20 Why Pete Gluszek loves Lake Champlain for smallmouth and largemouth bass
  • 3:00 Pete fishes the old railroad bridge pilings and shares some history about this location and why you'll find bass here
  • 7:17 How to fish & pitch around the railroad bridge pilings on Lake Champlain
  • 11:23 Pete's tackle for flipping and pitching around zebra mussels
  • 13:49 Always fishing something different
  • 16:40 Pete talks about fish strikes and catches multiple fish off the same cover
  • 17:48 A local expert shares some stories about how good Lake Champlain is
  • 22:42 Mike talks about preparing to fish for largemouth and smallmouth on a lake where either species could have the winning fish
    • 24:16 Targeting largemouth bass on Lake Champlain
    • 24:42 Targeting smallmouth bass on Lake Champlain
  • 26:12 Where largemouth and smallmouth are located around Lake Champlain and different types of cover and structure to fish
  • 27:16 Mike talks about running a pattern on Lake Champlain
  • 33:18 Targeting bass species based on weather conditions
  • 34:54 Mike's tackle for fishing a Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Creature Hawg

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