Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek are back in the Adirondack Mountains in this second episode of The BUcket List on Lake Champlain. Mike shares how some of his bass fishing career highlights and life-changing moments came on Lake Champlain. Iaconelli was fishing his second professional tournament against the biggest names in bass fishing. He struggled early on the last day. In this video, Iaconelli visits the spots where he caught the bass that really launched his professional bass fishing career.

  • 0:11 Mike Iaconelli's monster 1999 win that further solidified his love for bass fishing on Lake Champlain
  • 16:28 Mike Iaconelli takes Pete Gluszek back to the spot where he won the 1999 Bassmaster Top 150
  • 21:07 Iaconelli catches a big smallmouth near the spot he won the Bassmaster tournament 20 years earlier 
  • 24:19 What advice would Mike Iaconelli give himself if he could go back to 1999?
  • 29:27 What is Mike Iaconelli most proud of in professional bass fishing?
  • 35:00 Pete Gluszek catches a big largemouth on the tires Iaconelli fished in the 1999 Bassmaster Top 150
  • 36:44 Mike Iaconelli closes out this BUcket List trip with a big smallmouth on light line

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